A cookie-cutter approach works great for cookies, but it’s not so great for unconventional wells because of the wide variations in formation properties within a play or even within one well. If you wonder whether your ‘average’ oil production is really the best you can do, you’re ready to move to the next stage with OneStim technology.

Improve multistage fracturing efficiency and stage delivery

When you complete a multistage horizontal well, channels behind the casing can allow your stimulation to migrate into unintended reservoir zones. That means the targeted reservoir doesn’t receive its intended treatment, and the stage doesn’t contribute the production you expected. Fulcrum cement-conveyed frac performance technology improves stimulation efficiency by helping keep fluid, proppant, and hydraulic pressure where you want it. Delivered during cementing, Fulcrum technology interacts with residual nonaqueous fluid (NAF) left after drilling to reduce the potential for frac fluid communication through channels. That improves stage-to-stage isolation, so fracturing fluids intended for one zone can’t easily reach a different one. The result: more efficient fracturing, less waste, and stimulation performance that more closely matches your designs.

Optimize lateral placement and completion strategy

Kinetix Shale in Petrel software.Your reservoir doesn’t vary in regular geometric patterns, so why use geometric completion designs? Kinetix Shale reservoir-centric stimulation-to-production software helps you match your completion to your reservoir, enabling efficient, Cloud-optimized designs to maximize drainage with minimum surface and economic impact. An operator in the Eagle Ford shale improved 90-day cumulative oil production by 80% with Kinetix Shale software-engineered completions compared with the traditional geometric completion approach.

Pump down perforating where you want, when you want

After you design the ideal completion, make sure your perforating system can match your plan, efficiently and reliably. In contrast with conventional systems that are assembled on location, modular Fractal Flex multistage stimulation perforating systems are electrically prewired and tested at the manufacturing center—and flexible enough to use any industry-standard drop-in charges. That means they fit your completion strategy while improving performance, safety, and operational efficiency.

Conventional perforating charges are optimized only for depth of penetration, leading to wide variations in entrance hole sizes, resulting in reduced fracturing efficiency and increased risk of screenouts. Stimulation-Optimized Shaped Charges deliver uniform entrance holes around the wellbore without a loss of penetration depth.

Stimulate more of the reservoir—but avoid frac hits

Limited-entry fracturing can improve stimulation efficiency, but it’s extremely challenging to optimally stimulate multiple clusters in a single frac stage. BroadBand Sequence fracturing service sequentially isolates fractures at the wellbore to ensure every cluster in each zone is fractured and can contribute to the well's full potential. An operator in the Permian Basin used the service to deliver 42% more hydrocarbon production compared with offset wells

Broadband Sequence effectively stimulates more reservoir volume and ensures every cluster delivers its full potential.As you add infill wells to maximize the value of your leased acreage, it can be challenging to stimulate the infill wells without fracturing into your existing wells. BroadBand Shield fracture geometry control service stimulates production in unconventional wells while limiting the risk of contact with neighboring wells or fracturing into undesirable zones. An operator in the Eagle Ford used the service to improve production in both a new infill well (12% compared with offset infill wells) and the nearby parent (5% compared with the production trend before the infill well stimulation).

Any time you stimulate more than one stage in a well, you run the risk of an “invisible” downhill event such as a ball, sleeve, or plug failure, or a fracture connecting to the previous stage or a nearby well. WellWatcher Stim stimulation monitoring service improves fracturing, acidizing, and other well operations by confirming downhole events in near real time. By rapidly confirming these events, a stimulation stage can be repeated immediately, rather than deferring production from that stage for some future remedial operation.

Pack more proppant into unconventional fractures—with less truck traffic

Slickwater enabled the shale revolution, but it’s not very efficient, creating long fractures that rapidly close without adequate proppant to ensure long-term conductivity. Viscous slickwater enables the same high-rate treatments and fracture network creation but with higher proppant-carrying capacity. That means you can eliminate ancillary hybrid gels that damage your formation and proppant pack and limit your well production. An operator in the Osage Formation improved annual hydrocarbon production by 35% by switching from hybrid gels to viscous slickwater.

Mixing your slickwater using our dry friction reducer (DFR) also minimizes your environmental impacts. By eliminating the liquid petroleum distillate required to stabilize the system, DFR cuts four truck trips (and storage volumes) to just one.

Eliminate plug-and-perf milling time

Infinity dissolvable frac plug being assembled at surface.When the stimulation job is done and you’re ready to start reaping the rewards of your hard work, there’s still one more task: milling out the plugs. ReacXion Complete fully dissolvable fracturing plug isolates zones reliably during stimulation and then dissolves completely and predictably, leaving no restrictions to impede future operations.